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Clean and Compliant: Achieving Annex 1 Requirements with Suite Ultra-Fiber Solutions

Clean and Compliant Achieving Annex 1 Requirements with Suite Ultra-Fiber Solutions-min

As the life science industry continues to evolve, so do the regulations surrounding sterile manufacturing facilities. The new Annex 1 guidelines have been established to ensure that these facilities are meeting the highest standards of cleanliness and compliance.

One of the key changes in the new Annex 1 regulations is the separation of cleaning and disinfecting steps. This means that each step should be carried out separately, with a clear distinction between them. This ensures that the cleaning step is thorough and removes any visible dirt or debris, while the disinfecting step focuses on eliminating any remaining microorganisms.

To achieve these requirements, life science professionals need to turn to cleaning and disinfecting solutions that are backed by science and offer reliable, consistent results. That’s where Benchmark Products comes in.

In this educational video, Benchmark Products presents their Ultra-fiber cleaning and disinfecting solutions, which can help life science professionals achieve Annex 1 compliance. Their proprietary technology Suite® Ultra-Fiber is designed to capture and remove ≥99% of contaminants during cleaning, ensuring that even the smallest debris is removed.

The Ultra-fiber material is densely packed with a maximum concentration of high-grade microscopic fibers that penetrate sub-micron crevices of cleanroom surfaces to remove endotoxins and optimize residue and bioburden removal. Plus, their Suite portfolio of mops, wipers, and sponges is superior in non-particulating performance, durable snag resistance, and absorbance of up to eight times its own weight.

With over 500 life science customers relying on Benchmark Products for their cleaning and disinfecting needs, you can trust their solutions to deliver scientifically tested, reliable results. Whether you need to meet Annex 1 requirements or simply want to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and compliance, Benchmark Products has you covered.

In conclusion, the new Annex 1 regulations emphasize the importance of separating cleaning and disinfecting steps in sterile manufacturing facilities. By using scientifically backed cleaning and disinfecting solutions like Benchmark Products’ Ultra-fiber products, life science professionals can achieve the necessary compliance and ensure a sterile manufacturing environment.


If you need help meeting your challenges and ensuring that your sterile manufacturing facility is meeting Annex 1 requirements, get in touch with Benchmark Products today.