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[Press Release] Benchmark Products Joins Rx360 to Enhance Quality and Supply Chain Security for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

[Press Release] Benchmark Products Joins Rx360 to Enhance Quality and Supply Chain Security for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers-min

Lincolnshire, IL – Benchmark Products, a leading provider of cleanroom and critical manufacturing products and services, is proud to announce its membership in Rx360, a global consortium of pharmaceutical companies, suppliers, and service providers, dedicated to advancing pharmaceutical supply chain security and quality.

“We are thrilled to announce our membership in Rx360 and join a community of leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers,” said Tom Caffery, CEO of Benchmark Products. “Our membership will provide us with valuable resources and expertise to enhance our commitment to product quality and supply chain security.”

One of the key benefits of Rx360 membership is the access to a licensable audit report, which provides a comprehensive evaluation of Benchmark’s quality management system, supply chain security, and compliance with industry standards. This licensable audit report is an important tool for pharmaceutical manufacturers to demonstrate traceability and compliance.

“Access to the licensable audit report through Rx360 is a game-changer for our customers in the pharmaceutical industry,” said Caffery. “It offers a cost-effective and streamlined solution for demonstrating our compliance with industry standards and regulations, saving manufacturers the burden of conducting their own audits.”

With its membership in Rx360, Benchmark Products is taking a step forward in ensuring that it is providing pharmaceutical manufacturers with the highest standards of quality, while also saving them time and resources. Rx360’s membership includes pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as suppliers, service providers, and regulators. The consortium is focused on improving quality through collaboration and sharing of best practices, standards, and tools.

“I am honored to have Benchmark as a member of Rx-360,” said Jim Fries, CEO of Rx360. “As a non-profit, their involvement and support will be a great benefit to our consortium.”


About Benchmark Products

Benchmark Products was founded in Illinois in 1993 to supply innovative cleanroom solutions and products that help life science manufacturers deliver a continuous flow of high-quality therapies to patients. The company is committed to exceptional quality and is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 certified, along with state-of-the-art ISO Class 7 Cleanroom facilities on site. Over 500 life science customers rely on Benchmark for value added services such as custom kitting, single-use fluid handling assemblies, product irradiation, and sterile product quality assurance.    

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