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The Industry Leading Ultra-Fiber

Exclusive to Benchmark Products, the Suite® brand of products were designed specifically for cleanrooms and are the industry leading solution to cleaning and disinfecting.

Suite mops, wipers, and sponges are made of proprietary technology- Suite Ultra-Fiber. Suite’s Ultra-Fiber technology increases surface area contact which optimizes residue and bioburden removal and disinfectant application. Non-particulating, snag resistant, and offering unrivaled absorbency (up to 8 times its weight), the Suite family of Ultra-Fiber products deliver maximum performance and durability when used as part of your cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

A typical epoxy wall surface under scanning microscope. No surface is safe from microorganisms.

Suite® breaks surface tension to remove all residues

Given Suite’s Ultra-Fibers are a fraction of the size of leading competitors, it is easy to see how Suite is superior in its ability to penetrate invisible crevices present in critical surfaces to remove residue and for effective application of disinfectant. Suite wipers, mops and sponges are made from the maximum concentration of the highest grade micro-denier fiber resulting in unrivaled performance.

Scientifically proven to remove and retain residues, microbial contaminants and endotoxins1-3

Forensic Lab Report

Suite Ultra-Fiber removes and retains 99.5% of residue without carryover1

Bioburden Study

Suite Ultra-Fiber- up to 5 log reduction in bioburden achieved without use of disinfectant2

Endotoxin Study

Suite Ultra-Fiber removes and retains 99.8% of endotoxins without carryover3

Request access to our scientific reports here or contact your Regional Manager for more information

Suite® has been scientifically demonstrated to achieve Annex 1 compliance1-3

With the recent revisions to EU GMP Annex 1 emphasizing the importance of cleaning prior to disinfecting, it is more important than ever to reassess the quality of products that are part of your cleanroom protocol. Benchmark is pleased to offer assistance in change control and validation of the Suite product range at your facility as required.

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  1. Forensic Residue Removal Efficacy Study
  2. In-Vitro Contamination Removal Efficacy Study
  3. Endotoxin Removal and Carry Over Testing Report

Request access to our scientific reports here