Wire Gowning Bench
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Wire Gowning Bench

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Wire Gowning Bench Specification

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Product Number:E-W1436-GBC Size:14x36
Product Number:E-W1448-GBC Size:14x48
Product Number:E-W1460-GBC Size:14x60
Product Number:E-W1472-GBC Size:14x72
Product Number:E-W1436-GBS Size:14x36
Product Number:E-W1448-GBS Size:14x48
Product Number:E-W1460-GBS Size:14x60
Product Number:E-W1472-GBS Size:14x72
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Wire Gowning Bench Description

Economical gowning bench with wire shelving components offers 62% laminar flow. Ideal for less demanding environments or for use during construction as the room is brought into clean. All units feature four 18″ legs with foot plates, one three-sided channel frame, and one wire shelf. 14″ width, 18″ height, available in lengths up to 72″.

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Wire Gowning Bench Features

Tops: 14″ wide. Legs: 1″ diameter posts, 18″ high, 16 gauge type 304 stainless steel. Foot plates: 13 gauge stainless steel, triangular. Allows for bench to be bolted to floor if desired. Channel frame: 1″ square channel, 14 gauge stainless steel.

Wire Gowning Bench Datasheet

Wire Gowning Bench
14x36, 14x48, 14x60, 14x72