Autoclavable Tyvek® Cover
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Autoclavable Tyvek® Cover

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Autoclavable Tyvek® Cover Specification

Product Number SizeColorQuantityAdd to Quote
Product Number:S-0202-CVR Size:2"Color:Quantity:100/B10B/C
Product Number:S-0303-CVR Size:3"Color:Quantity:100/B10B/C
Product Number:S-0404-CVR Size:4"Color:Quantity:100/B10B/C
Product Number:S-0606-CVR Size:6"Color:Quantity:100/B10B/C
Product Number:S-1212-CVR Size:12"Color:Quantity:100/B10B/C
Product Number:S-2424-CVR Size:24"Color:Quantity:25/B,2B/C
Product Number:S-3636-CVR Size:36"Color:Quantity:25/B,2B/C
Product Number:S-4040-CVR Size:40"Color:Quantity:25/B,2B/C
Product Number:S-5050-CVR Size:50"Color:Quantity:25/B,2B/C
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Autoclavable Tyvek® Cover Description

White, Autoclavable Tyvek® Covers

Autoclavable Tyvek® Cover Features

  • Sterilizable covers
  • Small sizes for carboys, bottles, flasks, cups, valves, tubing, hoses, pipes, etc.
  • Larger sizes for machines, tanks, drums, equipment, etc.
  • Form-fitted, elastic closure; lint free
  • Color white
  • Custom sizes available upon request

Autoclavable Tyvek® Cover Datasheet

Autoclavable Tyvek® Cover
100/B10B/C, 25/B,2B/C
2", 3", 4", 6", 12", 24", 36", 40", 50"