Steel-Bright Wipes
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Steel-Bright Wipes

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Steel-Bright Wipes, 12x12

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Steel-Bright Wipes Features

Steel-Bright sterile stainless steel cleaner removes chemical residues, spotting and staining left on stainless steel. With use of this product, stainless steel can be restored to a residue free finish. Steel-Bright is an emulsion based USDA authorized (A7) cleaner that will not rainbow or accumulate a heavy build-up. Surfaces will remain cleaner longer because there is no residue film to attract the soil. This product can also be used on chrome, brass, aluminum and copper. The product is aseptically filtered at 0.2 microns, double bag packaged, and then gamma irradiated. Steel-Bright is delivered with a lot specific Sterile Documentation Package.

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Steel-Bright Wipes