Large Fittings – Mini Sanitary Flange
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Large Fittings – Mini Sanitary Flange

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Large Fittings - Mini Sanitary Flange Specification

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Product Number:SF12-FV-KO-VS-10QC-B
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Product Number:SF12-FV-KO-VS-8QC-B
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Large Fittings - Mini Sanitary Flange Description

SeriesLock™ is a new, innovative, quick-connect coupler that allows a larger volume of fluid to pass through at lower line pressures. Male valve assemblies include a vented spring chamber that helps eliminate fluid crossover. Recessed mating features protect contact surfaces and prolong the life of the O-rings helping to ensure a better seal for longer. Manufactured with ISO 10993 compliant materials, standard, the ability to be sterilized, and the added option of non-magnetic springs can help SeriesLock integrate into existing clinical components. The audible click upon connection and the safety slide release are both features to help minimize accidental disconnects.

Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) / Kynar – Outstanding chemical and UV resistance at both ambient and elevated temperatures. Material with high barrier properties, high purity, and good mechanical and thermal properties. Abrasion, impact, fl same, and corrosion, and chemical resistance. Europe Decision 2001/2/ EC: TSE, BSE – No Animal Origin and Phthalate/Latex/BPA free. USP Class VI, and various FDA and USDA certifications.


Large Fittings - Mini Sanitary Flange Features

  • SeriesLock® is an innovative no-spill, quick-disconnect coupler that allows a larger fluid volume to pass through with smaller overall body size. Valved assemblies maintain a controlled disconnect of fluid lines that are under pressure.
  • The unique Spring-Free-Flow Path® optimizes the flow, reduces restriction, turbulence, foaming, and bubbles. This also eliminates contamination or corrosion from a spring.
  • Four body sizes are available to accommodate the application of 1/16” to 1” ID tubing. Connection options include barb, panel mount, sanitary flange, port plate/bag port, NPT Thread, and MicroConnect. Variations in connection types can be mated, as long as they are of the same body size and same housing material.
  • Natural Kynar is a specialty plastic used in applications requiring the highest purity, as well as resistance to solvents, acids, and hydrocarbons.
  • Viton O-Rings have excellent resistance to many synthetic and organic solvents and chemicals
  • 302 Stainless Steel is a material that is corrosion resistant and is considered a general-purpose spring.
  • QC Fittings are manufactured in our Class 7 Cleanroom – heat-sealed, and double-bagged to provide an output that is package-ready for critical applications.

Large Fittings - Mini Sanitary Flange Datasheet