Format Parts/Protections
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Format Parts/Protections

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Format Parts/Protections Description

  • Made-to-measure design - Custom made service
  • Manufactured from 316L stainless steel & PEEK plastic
  • Possibility of steel hardening treatment
  • Made in a single block and/or laser welding
  • Super finishing - Internal surface of tubes worked in honing machine (RA < 0.2 µm)
  • Roughness report test (Mitutoyo SJ-410®)
  • Polished surfaces and complete decontamination and passivation
  • Ultrasonic washing and final cleaning in conformity NSF and FDA for food and pharmaceutical processing
  • Traceability documents of materials in full conformity UNI EN 10204 3.1
  • Laser marking - Permanent identification
  • Respect for good manufacturing processes: GMP
  Pictured: Aluminium Format Parts, Aluminium Pharmaceutical Machine Format part with Teflon Coating, Autoclavable Bausch Stroebel Filling Needles Holder, High-Pressure Station for Accurate Washing of Optima Filling Needles,Pharmaceutical Format Parts for Bosch Filling Machines, Pharmaceutical Format Parts for Stoppering Sterile Machine, Pharmaceutical Format Parts in Plastic Material FDA Certified, ROTA Vials Filling Machine, Star Sector for Pharma Dosing Machine, & Stopper Gripper for IMA Pharma Syringes Machine

Format Parts/Protections Features

Gamma Irradiation & Kitting Available

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Format Parts/Protections