G3 Sterile STERLING Nitrile Gloves
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G3 Sterile STERLING Nitrile Gloves

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G3 Sterile STERLING Nitrile Gloves Specification

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Product Number:G-11821 Size:6"Color:Quantity:30 Pairs/Pack; 10 Packs/Case
Product Number:G-11822 Size:6.5Color:Quantity:30 Pairs/Pack; 10 Packs/Case
Product Number:G-11823 Size:7Color:Quantity:30 Pairs/Pack; 10 Packs/Case
Product Number:G-11824 Size:7.5Color:Quantity:30 Pairs/Pack; 10 Packs/Case
Product Number:G-11825 Size:8Color:Quantity:30 Pairs/Pack; 10 Packs/Case
Product Number:G-11826 Size:8.5Color:Quantity:30 Pairs/Pack; 10 Packs/Case
Product Number:G-11827 Size:9"Color:Quantity:30 Pairs/Pack; 10 Packs/Case
Product Number:G-11828 Size:10Color:Quantity:30 Pairs/Pack; 10 Packs/Case
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G3 Sterile STERLING Nitrile Gloves Description

Our innovative STERLING* glove manufacturing technology enables us to deliver a low-cost comfortable sterile nitrile glove which combines the sensitivity of latex with the protection of nitrile. The KIMTECH PURE* G3 Sterile STERLING* Nitrile Glove is environmentally responsible. Recommended for ISO Class 4 or higher cleanrooms.

G3 Sterile STERLING Nitrile Gloves Features

Hand specific. Comfortable fit. Powder-free. Textured fingertips. Beaded cuff. 12 length. AQL 1.5. Static dissipative in use. 4.O mil thickness . Walleted and pouched in polyethylene. Packaged in a Class 100 Cleanroom. Improved packaging to deliver 50% more gloves per case than traditional gloves. Average use of 25 cases per month results in reduction of 1 ton of waste per year vs. traditional latex gloves.

G3 Sterile STERLING Nitrile Gloves Datasheet