Compact Glove Box
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Compact Glove Box

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Compact Glove Box Description

Features cleanliness, safety, complete containment, portability and a draft free environment
  •   Minimizes product degradation caused by moisture absorption
  •   Top section is removable for easy installation of equipment
  •   Four purging gas valves (two on the transfer chamber and two on the main chamber)
  •   White leveling tray for easy transferring of liquids
  •   All clamps stainless steel and completely adjustable
  •   White ambidextrous Hypalon gloves for superior chemical and U.V. resistance
  •   Hospital grade multiple electrical outlet strip U.L.-C.S.A. approved
  •   Pressure relief valve minimizes glove "fight back"
  •   H.E.P.A. and organic vapor canister filters (replaceable)
  •   Transfer chamber is 12" long x 11" diameter (I.D.)
  •   Standard 12 month warranty
  •   Access doors available if transfer chambers are not desired
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    Compact Glove Box