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BenchmarkGMP Cleanroom Socks: Aligning with New Annex 1 Regulations


In an era where manufacturing precision is paramount, the significance of a clean and contaminant-free environment cannot be understated. One pivotal area of concern is the attire worn within cleanrooms. This is where BenchmarkGMP Cleanroom Socks step in, ensuring compliance and fostering a safer environment in manufacturing facilities.

Understanding the New Annex 1 Regulations

The recent revisions to the Annex 1 regulations emphasize stricter controls to maintain the integrity of cleanroom environments. One of the essential aspects of this regulation, verbatim, states:

“7.15: Outdoor clothing (other than personal underwear) should not be brought into changing rooms leading directly to Grade B and C cleanrooms. Facility suits, covering the full length of the arms and the legs, and socks covering the feet, should be worn before entry to change rooms for Grades B and C.”

In simpler terms, the regulation is clear about the need to wear dedicated cleanroom attire, including socks, to prevent any form of contamination that could arise from regular street clothing.

The Importance of BenchmarkGMP Cleanroom Socks

The specific mention of “socks covering the feet” in the Annex 1 regulation underscores the often overlooked yet crucial role of socks in cleanroom attire. Ordinary street socks are potential carriers of contaminants. The BenchmarkGMP Cleanroom Socks address this concern by providing:

  1. Material Excellence: Crafted from continuous filament polyester and nylon yarn, these socks offer durability without compromising on comfort.
  2. Contamination Control: Cleanroom laundered and specially packaged to ensure minimal particulate contamination.
  3. Universal Comfort: The socks’ mid-calf length and snug elastic cuff ensure a comfortable fit for all foot sizes.

By prioritizing the use of BenchmarkGMP Cleanroom Socks, facilities can significantly reduce the risk of introducing contaminants through footwear, adhering strictly to Annex 1 regulations.

As manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries evolve, so too do the regulations that govern them. Staying compliant is not merely about adhering to rules but about ensuring the safety, efficacy, and quality of products. BenchmarkGMP Cleanroom Socks, designed in line with the new Annex 1 regulations, act as an indispensable tool for facilities aiming for excellence. Embrace them, and take a step closer to uncompromised quality and safety in your cleanroom environments.

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