Suite® Sterile Beta Bags
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Suite® Sterile Beta Bags

In Stock

Suite® Sterile Beta Bags Specification

Product Number SizeColorQuantityAdd to Quote
Product Number:B-SBB-50990 Size:25LColor:Quantity:190 port
Product Number:B-SBB-50547 Size:25LColor:Quantity:190 port
Product Number:6007001926 Size:10LColor:Quantity:190 port
Product Number:6007001990 Size:30LColor:Quantity:190 port

Suite® Sterile Beta Bags Description

The Suite Single-Use Beta Bag is a safe, efficient, and cost-effective solution for aseptic production processes. This single-use system provides contamination-free transfer of sterile components into isolation or removal of components out of isolation. Used in conjunction with Alpha port systems, sealed containment and sterility of the environment are maintained.

Once filled with components, these bags can be autoclaved and connected for filling line production. Also available sterile for trash removal. Bag customization and sterile kitting is available to meet specific application needs based on component, processing, and production parameters.

Suite® Sterile Beta Bags Features

Stock your custom Suite Beta Bag with:
• Suite Wipes
• BenchmarkGMP Pre-Sat Wipes
• Suite Reach Tool & Cover
• Suite Sponge
• Cable Ties
• Sharpies & Pens
• MilliporeSigma ICR Swabs

Design your own kit!

Suite® Sterile Beta Bags Datasheet

Suite® Sterile Beta Bags
10L, 25L, 30L