Sterile BioClean Fusion™
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Sterile BioClean Fusion™

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Sterile BioClean Fusion™ Specification

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Product Number:G-BFAP-5 Size:5Color:Quantity:200/Case
Product Number:G-BFAP-5.5 Size:5.5Color:Quantity:200/Case
Product Number:G-BFAP-6 Size:6"Color:Quantity:200/Case
Product Number:G-BFAP-6.5 Size:6.5Color:Quantity:200/Case
Product Number:G-BFAP-7 Size:7Color:Quantity:200/Case
Product Number:G-BFAP-7.5 Size:7.5Color:Quantity:200/Case
Product Number:G-BFAP-8 Size:8Color:Quantity:200/Case
Product Number:G-BFAP-8.5 Size:8.5Color:Quantity:200/Case
Product Number:G-BFAP-9 Size:9"Color:Quantity:200/Case
Product Number:G-BFAP-10 Size:10Color:Quantity:200/Case
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Sterile BioClean Fusion™ Description

Sterile Polychloroprene Cleanroom Gloves

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Sterile BioClean Fusion™ Features

Providing exceptional grip, tactility and the comfort of latex, BioClean FusionTM sterile polychloroprene cleanroom gloves have excellent anti-static properties and contain no natural latex proteins. The ambidextrous, green-coloured polychloroprene gloves are 295mm long, have a textured surface, beaded cuffs and are designed to be double-donnable. Processed in a cleanroom environment to ensure compatibility with ISO Class 4 and EU GMP Grade A operating conditions and manufactured in a facility holding ISO 9001:2008 certification. Sterilization is by gamma irradiation. It complies with the requirements of the Glove Standard EN420:2003 and the European Medical Gloves Standard EN455 (Parts 1, 2 & 3). With a shelf life of five years, the glove is available in sizes 5.0-5.5 to 10.0. One cuffed pair is sealed in an inner plastic wallet and one inner wallet is then sealed in an EasyTear™ PE pouch. Ten pouches are sealed in an outer PE bag and the carton liner contains 20 outer bags “ making 200 pairs in total.

Sterile BioClean Fusion™ Datasheet

Sterile BioClean Fusion™
5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 10