Stainless Steel Step-On Can
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Stainless Steel Step-On Can

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Stainless Steel Step-On Can Specification

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Product Number:E-BP-C-16 Size:4 Gallon (16 Quart)Quantity:Each
Product Number:E-BP-C-24 Size:6 Gallon (24 Quart)Quantity:Each
Product Number:E-BP-C-32 Size:8 Gallon (32 Quart)Quantity:Each
Product Number:E-BP-C-48 Size:12 Gallon (48 Quart)Quantity:Each
Product Number:E-BP-C-100 Size:25 Gallon (100 Quart)Quantity:Each
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Stainless Steel Step-On Can Description

Named for their rugged toughness, these featured step-on cans are perfect for laboratory or cleanroom settings. Equipped with a heavy-duty foot pedal and linkage and a bag securing mechanism. The cans are flame retardant, have a self-closing lid for sanitation, baked epoxy steel or stainless steel finish for easy cleaning, and full-width hinges and unitized construction for long-term use.

Stainless Steel Step-On Can Datasheet

Stainless Steel Step-On Can
4 Gallon (16 Quart), 6 Gallon (24 Quart), 8 Gallon (32 Quart), 12 Gallon (48 Quart), 25 Gallon (100 Quart)