Floor Level Loader Lift
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Floor Level Loader Lift

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Floor Level Loader Lift Description

  • Precise load positioning with hand pallet truck accessibility.
  • The P4™ Floor Level Loader is the ultimate in manual palletizers. Because it lowers to the floor it can be fed with a hand pallet truck. The operator can precisely position the load to the most convenient and comfortable working height at the touch of a button. The extremely narrow side panels allow loads to be accessed with virtually no reachover.

Floor Level Loader Lift Features

  • Lowers to floor height so load can be loaded on/off with a hand pallet truck
  • Foot switch allows operator to adjust height of pallet for loading/unloading at the most convenient working height with minimum reaching or lifting
  • Easy and safe pallet loading with narrow side panels to provide operator protection
  • Easily moved with a hand pallet jack.
  • Standard voltage is 115/1/60
  • Other voltages are available
  • Any of the following controls may be specified at no additional cost:
    • NEMA 1, up/down, footswitch with cover & 10′ control cord
    • NEMA 4, up/down, hand held pushbutton with magnet & 10′ control cord
  • All standard P4s are shipped with internally mounted power unit and reservoir filled with hydraulic oil
  • Photoelectric toeguard
  • 10′ control cord pre-wired

Floor Level Loader Lift Datasheet