Filling Needles
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Filling Needles

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Filling Needles Description

  • Manufactured from 316L Stainless Steel or Plastic Materials and Ketron Peek®
  • Made-to-measure Design – Custom Made Service
  • Made in a Single Block and/or Laser or Tig Welding
  • Super Finishing – Internal Surface of Tubes Worked in Honing Machine (RA < 0.4 µm)
  • Roughness Report Test (Mitutoyo SJ-410®)
  • All types can be produced: Flat Tip, Scoop Tip, Needles with Tip Shaped Like a Double Flaute Mouthpiece, Anti-Drip Tips, Multi-Holes Tips etc.
  • Polished Surfaces and Complete Decontamination and Passivation
  • Ultrasonic washing and Final Cleaning in Conformity NSF and FDA for Food and Pharmaceutical Processing
  • Traceability Documents of Materials in Full Conformity UNI EN 10204 3.1
  • Laser Marking – Permanent Identification
  • Respect for Good Manufacturing Processes: GMP
  • All needles can be repaired replacing the old damaged tubes.
  • Fast Time to Delivery: Max 10-15 Working Days – Free International Tracking Shipment
  • Top Quality with Competitive Prices

Filling Needles Features

Gamma Irradiation & Kitting Available

Mpa Technical Devices can Design and Manufacture Filling Needles for Custom Applications, and Replacement Needles for the Following Brands of Machinery or Manufacturers:

Please click on the manufacturers below for more details on replacement parts by OEM.

Filling Needles Datasheet

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Filling Needles