EPDM Heavy Isolator Box Glove
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EPDM Heavy Isolator Box Glove

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EPDM Heavy Isolator Box Glove Specification

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Product Number:G-85-501 Size:Large / X-LargeQuantity:8" Port
Product Number:G-85-503 Size:Large / X-LargeQuantity:10" Port
Product Number:G-85-505 Size:Large / X-LargeQuantity:12" Port
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EPDM Heavy Isolator Box Glove Description

Providing resistance against hydrogen peroxide solutions and common disinfecting chemicals, the EPDM Heavyweight Isolator Box Gauntlet Gloves are ideal for protecting hands in pharmaceutical environments. They also withstand temperatures of up to 130°C, have an increased thickness of 0.6mm for added durability, and resist ageing from exposure to oxygen, UV rays, and ozone for improved wear.

EPDM Heavy Isolator Box Glove Features

  • Material: Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber
  • Color: Black
  • Glove Design: Ambidextrous hand shape, smooth grip
  • Glove Description: Material conforms to FDA CFR 21 177.2600 positive list. Good resistance against hydrogen peroxide and common disinfectants. EPDM is fully conductive
  • Audit Standards: Manufacturing facility registered to ISO 9001
  • Quality Control Compliant with EN388 and EN374
  • Packaging: 10 pairs in black vacuum-sealed bags per transit case
  • Storage: Store in a dry and dark environment, temperature of 5°C to 22°C.

EPDM Heavy Isolator Box Glove Datasheet

EPDM Heavy Isolator Box Glove
Available in Large or X-Large