DuPont™ Liveo™ Pharma Tubing
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DuPont™ Liveo™ Pharma Tubing

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DuPont™ Liveo™ Pharma Tubing Specification

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Product Number:T-Pharma-50 Description:

Liveo™ Pharma 50 Tubing

Product Number:T-Pharma-65 Description:

Liveo™ Pharma 65 Tubing

Product Number:T-Pharma-80 Description:

Liveo™ Pharma 80 Tubing

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DuPont™ Liveo™ Pharma Tubing Description

Liveo™ Pharmaceutical Tubing is translucent, platinum-cured silicone tubing made for transferring of ultrapure liquids, air, or steam in manufacturing processes. It is available in three durometers and is designed for applications that require the transfer of high-purity fluids where contamination is a concern. Used in applications such as ultrapure fluid transfer, filling machines, steam or gas transfer, cleanroom, and veterinary.

DuPont™ Liveo™ Pharma Tubing is designed and produced to meet our customers’ specific needs. Liveo™ Pharma-50 Tubing is used for standard tubing transfer and filling operations. Liveo™ Pharma-65 and Liveo™ Pharma-80 are cost-effective alternatives to reinforced tubing in many operations.

DuPont™ Liveo™ Pharma Tubing Features

  • Excellent flexibility
  • Low extractables
  • Contains no peroxide by-products, chlorophenyls or PCBs
  • No organic plasticizers, phthalates or latex additives
  • Easily sterilized
  • Stable over a wide temperature range
  • High resiliency
  • No impaired taste or odor
  • Non-wetting (hydrophobic) surface
  • Made from BioMedical Grade elastomer that exceeds United States Pharmacopeia (USP®) Class VI Plastics Test Requirements
  • Meets European Pharmacopoeia monograph 3.1.9. “Silicone elastomer for closures and tubing”
  • Manufactured to the principles of FDA 21 CFR 210/211 cGMPs for Pharmaceutical products
  • Produced in an FDA-registered (CFN 1816403) and inspected healthcare facility
  • High purity quality (USP 788 Particulate matter for Injection, USP 85 Bacterial Endotoxins, ISO 11737-1 Bioburden)
  • FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 and USP 661 Physico-chemical tests – Plastics
  • Reduces risk of contaminating ultra-pure liquids
  • Complete traceability
  • Consistent performance
  • Rigorous change control
  • Dimensions available from small bore (0.28mm x 0.60mm) to large bore (31.8mm x 41.3mm)

DuPont™ Liveo™ Pharma Tubing Datasheet