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Akro-Bins® Description

The industry standard for plastic storage bins, heavy-duty AkroBins stack on shelves and hang on Akro-Mils racks, louvered panels and rail hanging systems.
  • Perfect for Kanban systems and 5S Lean initiatives.
  • New width divider now available for the 30250 and 30270 AkroBins! The ability to divide our 30230, 30250 and 30270 AkroBin with either our length or width dividers provides more storage flexibility!
  • Optimize your storage space. AkroBins are the industry-leading hanging and stacking plastic storage bin. Heavy-duty, industrial-grade polymer bins stack together or hang from Akro-Mils louvered racks and panels, rail racks, and louvered for high-density storage. AkroBins are corrosion-proof and unaffected by weak acids and alkalis.
    • Sturdy, one-piece construction is water, rust and corrosion proof and guaranteed not to break.
    • Dividers and lids available!
    New Colors: Berry, Light Blue, Purple, Teal (for models 30210, 30220, 30224, 30230, 30234, 30235, 30239, 30240 and 30250 only)
  • Additional Specialty Colors: Hunter Green, Sandstone, Terra Cotta (for models 30210, 30220, 30230, 30234, 30239, 30240 and 30250 only)
  • Traditional Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Green, Stone, Clear (available for all models)
  • Optimize your storage space with 33" Wide AkroBins®. Available in 7 colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Stone, Green, Clear and Black. Optional 30321 Lid available!
  • Full width hanger lip supports heavy loads when suspended from hanging rails or louvered panels. Reinforced side rib and honeycomb bottom design adds strength, and prevents spreading when stacked. Optional lid available to keep parts clean from dust and dirt.
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