Steri-Oil 200
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Steri-Oil 200

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Steri-Oil 200 Description

Steri-Oil 200, 1oz Dropper Bottle

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Steri-Oil 200 Features

Steri-Oil 200 Sterile Lubricant is made to assure the use of a sterile mineral oil lubricant within the aseptic manufacturing area. Its heavy consistency provides lubrication and prevents metal to metal contact, withstands high friction without displacement and reduces metal fatigue. Steri-Oil 200 reduces items from sticking, penetrates and lubricates mechanisms and can be used for moisture displacement. This product is aseptically filtered, double bag packaged and then gamma irradiated. It is delivered each time with a lot specific Sterile Documentation Package.

Steri-Oil 200 Datasheet

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Steri-Oil 200
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