Precision Clean Centerfold®
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Precision Clean Centerfold®

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Precision Clean Centerfold® Description

Our NASA certified 60" Precision Clean Centerfold® film is used throughout the world in all major clean room construction projects to protect installs and partition new clean room areas during compliance cleaning procedures. All of our customers value the utility of this clean barrier film, saving them invaluable time and money. PCC opens up to 120", and is ideal for temporary clean room partitions as well as wrapping, isolating and ship-wrapping large, sensitive equipment. Made from our popular PCII resin base, Precision Clean Centerfold is available with the following additives: clear amine-free antistatic, fire retardant, color tints and black tint. Fisher Container Corp. stocks clear, ultra-clean, antistatic 60" centerfold 100' rolls for your convenience, but custom sizes can be ordered ranging from 10" to 72". We guarantee that you will find an incredible number of uses for PCC. Call us for a sample roll. Certified Clean. Processed in our state of the art ISO Class 4 clean room. A convenient stock of 60" 6 mil amine free clear anti-static 100' foot rolls that open to 120" ready for shipment. Click here for stock centerfold program. Color tints, and fire retardant versions are available. Other custom centerfold sizes can be ordered from 10" to 72" centerfold and gauges ranging from .0015" to .01". Please contact us for pricing and availability. ISO 9001 certified for the manufacturing and flexographic printing of Precision Clean® products Packaged in individual double-lined cartons, labeled, and supplied with a Certificate of Conformance Certification.

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