Filling Nozzles
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Filling Nozzles

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Filling Nozzles Description

  • Made-to-measure design – Custom made service
  • Manufactured from 316L stainless steel & PEEK plastic
  • Possibility of steel hardening treatment
  • Made in a single block and/or laser welding
  • Super finishing – Internal surface of tubes worked in honing machine (RA < 0.2 µm)
  • Roughness report test (Mitutoyo SJ-410®)
  • Polished surfaces and complete decontamination and passivation
  • Ultrasonic washing and final cleaning in conformity NSF and FDA for food and pharmaceutical processing
  • Traceability documents of materials in full conformity UNI EN 10204 3.1
  • Laser marking – Permanent identification
  • Respect for good manufacturing processes: GMP


Pictured: Gas Air Diffuser Needles with Miter Cuts & Pharmaceutical Filling Nozzle with Mesh Anti-drip Tip

Filling Nozzles Features

Gamma Irradiation & Kitting Available

Filling Nozzles Datasheet