BenchmarkGMP Cleanroom Socks
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BenchmarkGMP Cleanroom Socks

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BenchmarkGMP Cleanroom Socks Description

BenchmarkGMP Cleanroom Socks – the ideal solution to keep manufacturing facilities Annex 1 compliant. Made of continuous filament polyester yarn, these socks minimize bioburden levels and reduce particulate contamination in critical environments. The mid-calf length and elastic cuff provide a comfortable and secure fit, while the polyester/spandex material ensures durability. Designed to fit all foot sizes, these lint-free socks prevent the risk of contaminating your cleanroom with dirty street socks.

Compliant with Annex 1 regulations, the BenchmarkGMP Cleanroom Socks meet the requirements for entering changing rooms leading directly to Grade B and Grade C cleanrooms. They provide maximum coverage with facility suits, covering the full length of the arms and legs, and socks covering the feet, ensuring no outdoor clothing is brought into the changing rooms. Additionally, the socks reduce the risk of contamination in the gowning areas or processes, maintaining an aseptic environment.

BenchmarkGMP Cleanroom Socks Features

  • Lint-free Polyester/Spandex
  • Cleanroom Compatible
  • Comfortable and secure fit

BenchmarkGMP Cleanroom Socks Datasheet

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BenchmarkGMP Cleanroom Socks