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Suite®SC6 Wipers


Suite® wipers are engineered for high-performance. Uniquely manufactured from synthetic high-density ultra fibers, Suite wipers are non-particulating, snag resistant, and offer unrivaled absorbency. They deliver maximum performance and durability when used as part of your cleaning and/or disinfecting protocols.

1. Double welded seam to reduce particle generation in comparison to traditional knife cut or single welded seam

2. The wiper’s textured pattern provides improved surface cleaning capabilities.


250 wipers/case (5 wipers/bag, 5 bags/pack, 10 packs/case), 250 wipers/case (5 wipers/bag, 50 bags/case).

Product Items

W-SC6-5 12x12 Non-Sterile Wiper · 250 wipers/case (5 wipers/bag, 50 bags/case)
W-SC6-5S 12x12 Sterile Wiper · 250 wipers/case (5 wipers/bag, 5 bags/pack, 10 packs/case)