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Suite® Touch-Less


Sterile Suite® Touch-Less Remote Duty Pad Mop

- Validated Sterile absorbent pad mop with nylon loop
back, 11” x 5”. For cleaning or applying disinfectants in small areas.


* Eliminates operator glove handling of both clean/sterile pads and soiled pads 
* Provides consistent and liberal application of disinfectant 
* Incorporates Suite® engineered fiber resulting in more square feet of application per prepped pad 
* Significantly reduces time spent changing pads 
* Is non-particulating and snag resistant

Wiping with Suite® material has been demonstrated to remove over 98% of surface contamination. In addition, the carry-over (cross contamination potential) from used Suite®-Material is demonstrated to be less than 0.02%.


1/Bag, 1/Pack, 25/Case, 5/Pack, 25/Case..

Product Items

Y-TLM-511-25S Sterile Suite® Touch-Less Remote Duty Pad Mop · 5/Pack, 25/Case.
Y-TLM-511-1S Sterile Suite® Touch-Less Remote Duty Pad Mop · 1/Pack, 25/Case
Y-1384-M Ergonomic Handle 19"-35" for Suite® Pad · 1/Bag
Y-10510-AANK Annodized Aluminum 10" Frame · 1/Bag