Suite Single-Use Beta Bag & Beta Cover Wrench


The Suite Single-Use Beta Bag is a safe, efficient, and cost-effective solution for aseptic production. This single-use system provides contamination-free transfer of sterile components into isolation or removal of toxic components out of isolation. Used in conjunction with Alpha port systems, sealed containment and sterility of the environment are maintained.

The Single-Use Beta Bag system consists of Tyvek® and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bag layers connected to a Beta flange which mates the entire assembly to the Alpha port on an isolator. Once filled with components, these bags can be autoclaved and connected for filling line production. Bag customization is also available to meet specific application need based on component, processing, and production parameters.

The Beta Cover Wrench is used to install or remove the beta cover from the beta flange on the 190 mm Single-Use Beta Bag when it is not mated to the Alpha Port.


  • 190 mm diameter available; 105 mm and 270 mm in development
  • Autoclavable version standard; gamma-sterilizable version available upon request
  • Removable, reusable handle system (required for use)
  • Allows for increased flexibility in production
  • Single-use alternative to traditional stainless steel transfer containers maximizes productivity by reducing downtime needed for cleaning
  • Tyvek® and HDPE layers form sterile barrier for autoclave sterilization process

Product Numbers


Each • Beta Cover Wrench


Each • Removable Handle System


Each • 190 CRTRP Alpha Port W/PP Door


1 bag/double bag, 2 bags/case


1 bag/double bag, 2 bags/case

Each, 1 bag/double bag, 2 bags/case

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