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Suite® Reach Tool & Cover


The Suite®-Reach tool is perfect for cleaning and applying disinfectants in isolators, biological safety cabinets, glove boxes and other hard to reach spaces. In combination with the custom cover made out of the revolutionary bi-component ultra-fiber Suite® material technology, this is the perfect device for both cleaning and applying. The Suite®-Reach tool is lightweight, extends from 21”-37”, swivels 3600 and is fully autoclavable.


* Stainless steel double pointed head with
anodized aluminum extension handle. 
* Autoclavable.

Wiping with Suite® material has been demonstrated to remove over 98% of surface contamination. In addition, the carry-over (cross contamination potential) from used Suite®-Material is demonstrated to be less than 0.02%.

Product Items

Y-3003-1384 Suite®-Reach Tool · 1/Each
Y-TTC-IBDI-20 Suite®-Reach Cover · 20/Case
Y-TTC-IBDI-20S Suite®-Reach Cover, Sterile · 20/Case