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Suite Custom Beta Bags


• Work with us to build a bag that best suits you! We offer a wide range of products commonly used in isolators. In-addition-to, our Suite fiber technology.
• Build custom bags for different isolators – maximizing workflow.
• Take confidence in the fact that all products are clean and sterile before bagging into the aseptic environment.
• Increase productivity while maintaining sterile assurance of your product. • Single-use alternative to traditional stainless-steel transfer containers maximizes productivity by reducing downtime needed for cleaning.
• Tyvek® and HDPE layers form sterile barrier for autoclave sterilization process


Build your Beta Bag with:
• Pens and Markers
• Dry and Pre-Saturated Wipers
• Cable Ties
• Vial Stoppers
• Sponges
• Media Plate
• Small area cleaning supplies
• Anything else you may need!