Sterile Presats


Presaturated wipes offer a range of benefits: convenience, consistency and efficiency. With the pristine wipes, ultra-pure saturants and secure packaging that FG Clean Wipes creates, you can add exceptional quality to the numerous advantages. Multiple substrates including polyester knit IPA concentrations, and packing options can streamline processes across industries and applications.


  • Variety of substrates available: non-woven and knitted
  • Multiple alcohol configurations: 70% IPA /30% purified DI water and 96% IPA / 4% purified DI water
  • Custom saturant capabilities
  • Options for different types of sealed edges
  • Multiple sizes and packaging configurations
  • Choice of individual sachet, pouch or canister
  • Purity and cleanliness to support ISO 4 and ISO 5 environments

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