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STERIS’ Spor-Klenz® Concentrate Cold Sterilant is a fast acting, liquid cold sterilant/disinfectant, filtered to 0.22 micron and specifically formulated for use in the sterilization and disinfection of hard environmental surfaces in Industrial Laboratories, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Biotech and Cosmetic manufacturing operations. This product is a stabilized blend of peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and acetic that provides fast, effective microbial control, including spores. Spor-Klenz Concentrate Cold Sterilant offers a low toxicity profile, requires no activation and the use dilution can be used for up to 7 days which reduces waste. One quart makes 25 gallons of use solution at dilution of 1:99. Each lot is fully traceable and documented by a Certificate of Analysis including filtration and USP sterility.

STERIS’ Spor-Klenz Concentrate Cold Sterilant is a liquid sporicide specifically formulated for sterilization and disinfection of hard environmental surfaces. It has an easy one-step dilution and be applied manually, sprayed or fogged.

Efficacy – Microbial control against bacteria, fungi, viruses, and bacteria spores proven using AOAC methods.
Safety – Low toxicity profile to support worker safety.
Ease of Use – Easy to dilute concentrate reduces both packaging waste and required storage place.
Convenience – Excellent material compatibility allows use on most environmental surfaces.
Flexibility – Versatility of use as a sterilant, sporicide, disinfectant or sanitizer.

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• 1 Quart Spor-Klenz Concentrate • 4/Case

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1 Quart Spor-Klenz Concentrate

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