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Pre-engineered, ready-to-use mixer packages, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics BioTech mixer overhead drives and lower assemblies/shafts and impellers have been specially designed to deliver maximum mixing efficiency. Each component has been carefully chosen to match a specific Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics mixing vessel. Use them with the closed-dome bio tanks (Cat.No. 2650) and sanitary conical-bottom processing tanks (Cat. Nos. 2690/2691). Requires 2″ sanitary connection (2661-0200) at 10°< (for conical units), 2″ silicone gasket (2672-0200) and true union (2670-0200). Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics vessel and mixer packages are designed for liquids and liquid slurries only. Saint-Gobain does not warrant them for any specific application, only general-purpose mixing up to these maximum limits: 

  • Solids”20% by weight 
  • Specific Gravity (batch)”1.2 
  • Viscosity”500 centipoise
  • Features

    BioTech Mixer Overhead Drives Overhead drives are available in two power configurations”1/20 Horse Power and 1/8 Horse Power. Both Drives Feature: 

  • Autoclavable in-place 
  • Variable speed controls for better accuracy 
  • Programmable timers for hands-off control 
  • LCD readouts for speed, power, torque, impeller flow and time 
  • Audible overload alarm 1/20 H.P. (Cat. No. 2653-0001) 
  • 75-liter closed-dome tanks 
  • 30- and 50-liter sanitary conicalbottom processing tanks 1/8 H.P. (Cat. No. 2653-0002) 
  • 30-, 50-, and 100 gallon closed-dome tanks
  • 100-liter sanitary conical-bottom processing tanks 
  • 200-liter sanitary conical-bottom processing tanks 
  • Can be used interchangeably with all sanitary units under 200L.
  • Product Numbers


    Each Electrical Requirements, 115V/60 Hz/1 PH Power, 40 RPM, 20-250 HP, 1/20


    Each Electrical Requirements, 115V/60 Hz/1 PH Power, 115 RPM, 20-140 HP, 1/8

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