qwikTRAK™ High-Density Storage System


qwikTRAK™ High-Density Storage System for Super Erecta®, Super Adjustable 2™ Super Erecta, MetroMax Q® and MetroMax®


  • Smooth function: Mobile shelving units glide easily along aluminum and stainless steel floor tracks.
  • Floor tracks compensate for rough or choppy floor surfaces.
  • Strong and Ergonomic: Units can store and move heavy loads with ease. Mobile aisle units have maximum unit capacities of 1200 “ 2000lbs. (544-907kg) evenly distributed depending on the shelving selected.
  • Protects floors: Floor tracks protect floors from wear and tear and do not require mounting to the floor.
  • Versatile: Compatible with wire shelving (Super Erecta, Super Adjustable Super Erecta) and plastic shelving (MetroMax i, MetroMax Q, Super Erecta Pro).
  •  qwikTRAK has finishes that cover a range of dry and wet/damp environments.
  • Double-Deep configurations can be created where two systems are joined together to increase the overall depth of the storage system for greater storage capacity.

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