PF2 Face Mask With Elastic Straps


The PF-2 material blend is designed for use in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. The material is soft, comfortable and has excellent breathability. The blend is made of rayon and laminated with an acrylic binder that has low particulate and shedding characteristics.VAI™s PF-2 face masks provide excellent barrier capabilities, eliminate fogging of goggles and are available in multiple varieties. All sterile products are completely traceable from start to finish and delivered with lot specific documentation.


Facemasks verities are available:

  • Elastic head straps
  • Four tie head straps
  • Extra-long face cover
  • Foam nose piece for comfort


  • Sterile masks are individually packaged
  • Individually lot labeled
  • Accompanied with lot specific documentation
  • Bulk packaging available
  • Custom products and packaging are available

Product Numbers


• One Size • 1/Pack, 500/Case

Product Info
1/Pack, 500/Case
One Size

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