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Loose Fitting Face Piece, S-20LFL


- Loose Fitting Face Piece, Large

The CC20 Series of DuPont™ Tychem® Hoods provide a wide variety of simple, effective and economical options for on-the-job respiratory protection. The result is better protection, improved productivity and greater comfort that combines to produce the best value on the market. These headtops are available as a hood or loose-fitting facepiece in a CC20 Series Airline Respirator configuration.


The Bullard Loose Fitting Facepiece provides comfortable, affordable, and effective protection from a wide range of respiratory hazards. Available for use as a CC20 Series supplied air or EVA Series powered air-purifying respirator, this loose fitting facepiece constructed of DuPont™ Tychem® QC provides its users with versatility, advanced features, and ease of use. The Bullard Loose Fitting Facepiece is approved by NIOSH.




Large, 13L X 12Wx18H.


10 per pack.

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S-20LFL White · Large, 13L X 12Wx18H · 10 per pack