Hypo-Chlor Wipe


HYPO-CHLOR Wipe 0.25%, 0.52%, and 5.25% are superior saturated sodium hypochlorite with USP WFI wipes used for both aseptic and non-aseptic wipe downs of filling and packaging machinery, stainless steel surfaces, lexan, polycarbonate, glass and any critical surfaces that require cleaning.
The unique and patented Asepti-Fill system assures sterility of the wipes is contained. HYPO-CHLOR wipe is the first sterile sodium hypochlorite wipe in the marketplace. These are great for intricate or sensitive locations where a spray down that would create an overage of residue is not desired. Materials are quality assurance tested and released to specifications defined by IEST and ASTM methods.


Available in both sterile and non-sterile 12 x 12 versions

  • Aseptically filled and packaged into sterile components
  • Delivered with the lot-specific Certificate of Analysis and Certificate of Sterility  – Sterility tested according to current USP compendium
  • Cut using FocusEdge cutting technology
  • Extremely low in particulate shedding and soluble extractable
  • Laundered in ultra-filtered water of 0.45?
  • Dried in a ULPA filtered Class 1 air stream
  • Packaged Quadruple Bagged using the ABCD Clean Room Introduction System™
  • Packaged 20 wipes per pack that are folded for easy removal

Product Numbers


White 200/cs Hypo-Chlor 0.52% Wipe, Non-Sterile


White 200/cs Hypo-Chlor 0.25% Wipe, Non-Sterile


White 200/cs Hypo-Chlor 0.52% Wipe, Sterile


White 200/cs Hypo-Chlor 0.25% Wipe, Sterile


White 100/cs Hypo-Chlor 5.25% Wipe, Sterile

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200/cs, 100/cs

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