FG Series ESD Hot Gloves


Now you can have static control and significant heat protection in one cleanroom compatible glove. The FG series Nomex® gloves are designed for printed circuit board, hybrid circuit, semiconductor and other processes that require handling objects at elevated temperatures without compromising cleanliness or potential damage to static discharge. Available in 11″ and 16″ lengths, these gloves use monofilament Nomex® woven fabric suffused with carbon fiber and enhance the heat protection with a 100% inner insulating tricot knit polyester fabric liner. Application and Usage Semiconductor, SMT Assembly, Disk Drive. Applications that require thermal glove protection, static and contamination control. Available in two convenient lengths.


Face fabric : 99% Nomex®* and 1% carbon yarn. The gloves resist 300° C according to ASTM F 1050 Modified. Independent testing is available on request. (The melting temperature of Nomex® is 450 Deg) FG Series gloves are made of continue filament yarn which reduces particle generation. They are compatible for use in controlled environments.

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