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Eagle Gowning Bench


Heavy-duty benches include flanged stainless steel foot plates for convenient attachment to the floor. Available in brushed 304 stainless steel or electropolished finish. Widths of 9" and 12", lengths up to 84", and height of 17".


Tops: Front and rear feature a rolled edge, with ends turned down 90°. 14 gauge type 304 stainless steel. Stainless steel channels run underside for added stability. Legs: 1 5/8" diameter, 17" high, 16 gauge type 304 stainless steel. 12"-wide benches, that are 72" and longer, consist of six legs. Legs joined by stainless steel front-to-back crossbracing. Legs recessed in gussets that are joined to channels that run underside top. Foot plates: Heavy gauge stainless steel, flanged. Allows for bench to be bolted to floor if desired.


ElectropolishedStainless Steel


12x36, 12x48, 12x60, 12x72, 12x84, 9x36, 9x48, 9x60, 9x72.

Product Items

E-CRB0936EP Electropolished · 9x36
E-CRB0948EP Electropolished · 9x48
E-CRB0972EP Electropolished · 9x72
E-CRB1236EP Electropolished · 12x36
E-CRB1248EP Electropolished · 12x48
E-CRB1260EP Electropolished · 12x60
E-CRB1272EP Electropolished · 12x72
E-CRB1284EP Electropolished · 12x84
E-CRB0936 Stainless Steel · 9x36
E-CRB0948 Stainless Steel · 9x48
E-CRB0960 Stainless Steel · 9x60
E-CRB0972 Stainless Steel · 9x72
E-CRB1236 Stainless Steel · 12x36
E-CRB1248 Stainless Steel · 12x48
E-CRB1260 Stainless Steel · 12x60
E-CRB1272 Stainless Steel · 12x72
E-CRB1284 Stainless Steel · 12x84