Decon Hand


VAI manufactures an alcohol based hand sanitizer that is processed to comply with the standards required by pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and health care industries. DECON-HAND® has multiple uses throughout any facility but also complies with the requirements transport into classified areas.


  • Packaged quadruple bagged in the ABCD Clean Room Introduction System™
  • Delivered with a lot specific Certificate of Analysis, Certificate of Irradiation and Certificate of Sterility
  • Manufactured in accordance with 21 CFR Part 211 Good Manufacturing Practices for DRUGS and the Tentative Final Monograph for Topical Antimicrobial Drug Products for Over-the-Counter use
  • Can be used with the DH-100 dispenser/holder system that affixes to gowning room walls

Product Numbers


1/Case For 16oz Decon-Hand Bottles and Pumps


12/Case 32oz Bottle for Asepti-Cleanse, Sterile


12/Case 32oz Bottle for Asepti-Cleanse, Non-Sterile


12/Case 16oz, With Pump, Non-Sterile


12/Case 16oz, With Pump, Sterile

Product Info
1/Case, 12/Case

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