Clasp Liner Tie System


The CLASP system provides secure closure for high containment during the safe separation of continuous liners and isolator sleeves. The system has been tested to an OEB 4 level and is also utilized as part of OEB 5 isolator systems. It demonstrates performance of less than 1g/m³ operator exposure levels when tested using the ISPE Guidelines for the Testing of Containment Equipment. Easy to use and compatible with all liner and sleeve ranges, the system is used in pharmaceutical processing including powder containment and transport, flexible isolator Bag In/Bag Out ports and continuous liners for discharging powders.


  • System comprises tie, tensioner and cutter
  • Simple to apply
  • High containment capability
  • Great strength and durability
  • Long term sealing
  • Double lock security preventing accidental release
  • Anti-tamper and locking capability
  • Compatible with all liner and sleeve ranges

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