Blue BHD Stopper Bowl Covers


  • Steam Sterilization Indicator
  • Autoclavable up to 135°C
  • Incremental Improvement Compared to cutting and wrapping withBioShield™ and autoclave tape
  • Eliminates need to cut material and the use of particulate generating autoclave tape
  • Fast and Consistent
  • Creates a secondary level of protection during the aseptic presentation and setup of equipment
  • Avoid Sterilization Re-Validation
  • Manufactured and packaged in a controlled cleanroom environment
  • Certificates of Conformance sent with shipment


Save time by using the stopper bowl cover instead of wrapping it with sheets of material and autoclave tape. When used in conjunction with a secondary AutoclaveBag, it creates an effective wrapping system. After the outer bag is removed, this stopper bowl cover should remain in place, providing protection from microbial and particulate contamination while the remaining set-up activities are performed.

Product Info
1 per heat-sealed labeled poly bag

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