Antimicrobial Film


Film for use on frequently touched surfaces. Kleen-Slate is a protective barrier film coated with an antimicrobial that inhibits the growth and colonization of microorganisms on the surface of the tape. This product has a protective barrier film coated with a copper/silver Zeolite Antimicrobial shown to significantly reduce microbe activity on the surface of the film. The barrier is intended for use on high touch surfaces like door push-plates, stair rails and public transportation handholds, where people are mostly likely to come in contact with their environment.

Product Numbers


• Kleen-Slate Film Roll, 2"x50'


• Kleen-Slate Film Roll, 4"x50'


• Kleen-Slate Film Roll, 4"x16"


• Kleen-Slate Film Roll, 6"x16"


• Kleen-Slate Film Roll, 4'x6'

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