All-in-One ICR Swab


Products for environmental monitoring within isolators and clean rooms must meet the highest safety standards. This includes reproducible and secure detection of contaminants. The ICR Swab is designed for qualitative microbial presence/absence tests. It is ideal for monitoring surfaces that are inaccessible to contact plates.


• Clean room and isolator use
– Triple-bagged
– γ-sterilized at 25-35 kGY
– Low abrasion Swab material
– H2O2-impermeable inner bags
– Hanging device integrated
• Safe and easy handling
– Reduced contamination risk

• Residue-free sampling
– Swab pre-moisturized with NaCl solution
– No growth-promoting residue on surfaces
• Tube rack with hanger
– High-quality stainless steel
– Suitable for autoclaving
– Persistent against H2O2 and disinfectants

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