ALCOH-WIPE is the saturated wipe that is available in a variety of sizes. The wiper is saturated with 70% USP Isopropyl Alcohol and WFI that is filtered at 0.2 microns, and the entire wiper package is then terminally sterilized. The material used in the product is a polyester blend with laser sealed edges that is inherently low in particulate and shedding features providing an excellent product for use in pharmaceutical and biotechnology operations. 

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    White 100/cs Alcoh-Wipe, 12"x12", 70% IPA Saturated Flat Wipe, Sterile


    White 100/cs 70% Sterile Denatured Ethanol Wipes


    White 100/cs Alcoh-Wipe, 18"x18", 70% IPA Saturated Flat Wipe


    White 100/cs Alcoh-Wipe, 6"x6", 70% IPA Saturated Flat Wipe

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