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AFB Complete Bubble


This mat is for all dry and damp areas where flame retardant and anti-static material is important. Great chemical resistance for where chemical/oil spillage may occur. Cleanroom ISO Class 5 (Class 100). - 5 Year Warranty


Unmatched Safety Features
- Molded beveled edges - They will never curl up, eliminating tripping hazards
- Any size, any shape mat, always in one piece - No overlapping or worn-out connecting mats, also eliminating tripping hazards Highest Quality
- Raw virgin material only - Unbeaten durability and ergonomic benefits
- Not only anti-fatigue, but also true ergonomic relief - Unique ergonomic design, eliminating and preventing common problems encountered in standing environments, by stimulating the body to increase blood circulation and alertness, reducing sick leaves, workers’ compensation and quality issues. The Complete Advantage
- Solid mat throughout, no hollow bubbles that collapse. - Long-term solution to keep the “bounce back” effect throughout the warranty period.
- Fire-retardant
- Resists moderate oils and liquids
- Anti-static properties
- Silicone & latex free


Dark Charcoal



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