Vertical Storage Cabinets
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Vertical Storage Cabinets

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Vertical Storage Cabinets Specification

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Product Number:E-VSC2436-3 (Flat Top) Size:24x36 (3 Shelves)
Product Number:E-VSC2448-3 (Flat Top) Size:24x48 (3 Shelves)
Product Number:E-VSC2436-4 (Flat Top) Size:24x36 (4 Shelves)
Product Number:E-VSC2448-4 (Flat Top) Size:24x48 (4 Shelves)
Product Number:E-VSCS2436-3 (Slanted Top) Size:24x36 (3 Shelves)
Product Number:E-VSCS2448-3 (Slanted Top) Size:24x48 (3 Shelves)
Product Number:E-VSCS2436-4 (Slanted Top) Size:24x36 (4 Shelves)
Product Number:E-VSCS2448-4 (Slanted Top) Size:24x48 (4 Shelves)
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Vertical Storage Cabinets Description

All stainless steel type 430 enclosed cabinet. Three adjustable
shelves on 4? centers, 24?-deep by 36?- or 48?-long. Available
with slanted top for laminar flow.

Vertical Storage Cabinets Features

Features 18 gauge type 430 stainless steel cabinet body.

  • Shelves adjustable on 4? (102mm) vertical centers.
  • Double-pan 20 gauge stainless steel hinged doors.
  • Transverse rod handles featuring keyed locks.
  • All units are 24? (610mm) front-to-back.
  • Available in 36? and 48? (914 and 1219mm) lengths.
  • Available with flat top or slanted top.
  • Custom sizes available.

Vertical Storage Cabinets Datasheet