Process2Clean 6
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Process2Clean 6

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Process2Clean 6 Specification

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Product Number:C-PC-6-1G-01 Size:1 GallonQuantity:4/cs
Product Number:C-PC-6-1G-02 Size:1 GallonQuantity:4/cs
Product Number:C-PC-6-275G-01 Size:275 Gallon ToteQuantity:1/cs
Product Number:C-PC-6-30G-01 Size:30 GallonsQuantity:1/cs
Product Number:C-PC-6-30G-02 Size:30 GallonsQuantity:1/cs
Product Number:C-PC-6-55G-01 Size:55 GallonsQuantity:1/cs
Product Number:C-PC-6-55G-02 Size:55 GallonsQuantity:1/cs
Product Number:C-PC-6-5G-01 Size:5 GallonsQuantity:1/cs
Product Number:C-PC-6-5G-02 Size:5 GallonsQuantity:1/cs

Process2Clean 6 Description

Process2Clean® 6 is a high performance concentrated liquid chlorinated alkaline cleaning agent designed specifically for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic, medical device, animal research, and food and beverage industries. Process2Clean 6 may be used in mechanical systems, pressure spray applications or manual washing applications. It is extremely effective in cleaning proteinaceous soils, ointments, creams, oils, animal fats, waxes, greases and petrolatum-based products.
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    Process2Clean 6 Specifications

    Process2Clean 6
    4/cs, 1/cs
    1 Gallon, 275 Gallon Tote, 30 Gallons, 55 Gallons, 5 Gallons