Process2Clean 5
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Process2Clean 5

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Process2Clean 5 Specification

Product Number SizeQuantityAdd to Quote
Product Number:C-PC-5-1G-01 Size:1 GallonQuantity:4/cs
Product Number:C-PC-5-1G-02 Size:1 GallonQuantity:4/cs
Product Number:C-PC-5-275G-01 Size:275 Gallon ToteQuantity:1/cs
Product Number:C-PC-5-30G-01 Size:30 GallonsQuantity:1/cs
Product Number:C-PC-5-30G-02 Size:30 GallonsQuantity:1/cs
Product Number:C-PC-5-55G-01 Size:55 GallonsQuantity:1/cs
Product Number:C-PC-5-55G-02 Size:55 GallonsQuantity:1/cs
Product Number:C-PC-5-5G-01 Size:5 GallonsQuantity:1/cs
Product Number:C-PC-5-5G-02 Size:5 GallonsQuantity:1/cs

Process2Clean 5 Description

Process2Clean® 5 is a phosphate free, neutral pH detergent that may be used as a stand alone detergent or as an additive to improve the cleaning performance of all VAI cleaners. This product is used with both high and low energy mechanical equipment (CIP), soak, and spray application in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic, medical device, food and beverage industries.

Process2Clean 5 Datasheet