LP Bond Cleanroom Paper
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LP Bond Cleanroom Paper

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LP Bond Cleanroom Paper Specification

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Product Number:S-BP8511-BL Size:8.5x11, 22.5LBColor:Quantity:2500/Case
Product Number:S-BP8511-BL-30 Size:8.5x11, 30LBColor:Quantity:2500/Case
Product Number:S-BP8511-GN Size:8.5x11, 22.5LBColor:Quantity:2500/Case
Product Number:S-BP8511-GN-30 Size:8.5x11, 30LBColor:Quantity:2500/Case
Product Number:S-BP8511-PK Size:8.5x11, 22.5LBColor:Quantity:2500/Case
Product Number:S-BP8511-PK-30 Size:8.5x11, 30LBColor:Quantity:2500/Case
Product Number:S-BP8511-WH Size:8.5x11, 22.5LBColor:Quantity:2500/Case
Product Number:S-BP8511-WH-30 Size:8.5x11, 30LBColor:Quantity:2500/Case
Product Number:S-BP8511-YW Size:8.5x11, 22.5LBColor:Quantity:2500/Case
Product Number:S-BP8511-YW-30 Size:8.5x11, 30LBColor:Quantity:2500/Case
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LP Bond Cleanroom Paper Description

Saturated with latex polymers which seals individual fibers into the sheet to minimize particle generation

  • May be used for note taking and record keeping
  • Free of inorganic fillers which minimizes inadvertent doping of products and accepts standard printing inks without skipping, smudging or smearing
  • Paper accepts writing and computer printing
  • Heat resistant for use in laser printers and photocopy machines, will not promote damaging electro-static discharge
  • Manufactured under rigid quality standards to insure consistency and is converted, processed and packaged under strict Class 100 conditions
  • Autoclavable
  • Available in white, blue, yellow, pink and green

LP Bond Cleanroom Paper Datasheet