Decon-Phene II
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Decon-Phene II

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Decon-Phene II Specification

Product Number SizeQuantityAdd to Quote
Product Number:C-DP2-01 Size:1 GallonQuantity:4/Case
Product Number:C-DP2-02 Size:1 GallonQuantity:4/Case
Product Number:C-DP2-03-2Z Size:2 OunceQuantity:24/Case
Product Number:C-DP2-03-4Z Size:4 OunceQuantity:24/Case
Product Number:C-DP2-04-1Z Size:1 GallonQuantity:4/Case
Product Number:C-DP2-04-2Z Size:1 GallonQuantity:4/Case
Product Number:C-DP2-05-1Z Size:1 GallonQuantity:4/Case
Product Number:C-DP2-06-16Z-01 Size:16ozQuantity:12/Case
Product Number:C-DP2-06-16Z-02 Size:16ozQuantity:12/Case
Product Number:C-DP2-07-16Z-01 Size:16ozQuantity:12/Case
Product Number:C-DP2-07-16Z-02 Size:16ozQuantity:12/Case
Product Number:C-DP2-10-200L-CI Size:200L DrumQuantity:1/Each

Decon-Phene II Description

Decon-Phene II , a sodium based phenolic, is used for the decontamination of items such as walls, ceilings, floors, and many other applications that require the use of a sterile tested phenol solution. It is a synthetic germicidal detergent that is used where broad spectrum disinfection is required in moderate amounts of organic soil. Decon-Phene II is produced by aseptic filtration at 0.2 microns. It is strong enough to kill a broad spectrum of pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria, yet mild enough to have no harmful effect on the surface being disinfected. Each container is double bag packaged and delivered each time with the lot specific Certificate of Analysis and Sterility Report. Decon-Phene II is completely traceable and has been completely validated for sterility and shelf life.

Decon-Phene II Datasheet

Decon-Phene II
4/Case, 24/Case, 12/Case, 1/Each
1 Gallon, 2 Ounce, 4 Ounce, 16oz, 200L Drum