All-Purpose Terry Wiper
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All-Purpose Terry Wiper

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All-Purpose Terry Wiper Specification

Product Number SizeColorQuantityAdd to Quote
Product Number:W-TW3030AM-B Size:12x12Color:Quantity:50/Case
Product Number:W-TW3030AM-O Size:12x12Color:Quantity:50/Case
Product Number:W-TW3030AM-Y Size:12x12Color:Quantity:50/Case
Product Number:W-TW3030AM-G Size:12x12Color:Quantity:50/Case
Product Number:W-TW3030AM-GY Size:12x12Color:Quantity:50/Case
Product Number:W-TW4040AM-B Size:16x16Color:Quantity:25/Case
Product Number:W-TW4040AM-O Size:16x16Color:Quantity:25/Case
Product Number:W-TW4040AM-Y Size:16x16Color:Quantity:25/Case
Product Number:W-TW4040AM-G Size:16x16Color:Quantity:25/Case
Product Number:W-TW4040AM-GY Size:16x16Color:Quantity:25/Case
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All-Purpose Terry Wiper Description

  • Made from the highest quality micro-denier bi-component fiber available.
  • Multiple patents including internationally patented ˜Built in Antimicrobial Product Protection™
  • Durable and chlorine stable – designed to meet CDC guidelines for Blood Borne Pathogens
  • In-Service validation at leading hospitals & hotels supports increased HCAHPS and Guest Satisfaction Scores
  • Pharmaceutical clean-room SOP and validation demonstrates that this product eliminates endotoxins from surfaces – Helmke Drum test supports Class-10 and below
  • Independent Laboratory Analysis demonstrates that this wiper is superior to all cleaning materials tested
  • Penetrates invisible crevices in surfaces to cut out dirt & grime and entrap & remove contaminants
  • Saves up to 50% in time and labor – This wiper does most of the work
  • Highest absorption capacity of any product tested and absorbs it faster
  • True Color coding for distinguishing between different rooms and/or areas
  • Helps reduce cross-contamination from getting into critical areas.

All-Purpose Terry Wiper Specifications

All-Purpose Terry Wiper
50/Case, 25/Case
12x12, 16x16